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Label of La Civetta Prosecco with Owl logo
Flyover view of vineyards in Valdobbiedene where Glera grapes for La Civetta are grown

La Civetta is the little owl, serene but focused, tenacious and wise.

La Civetta Prosecco
Brut NV DOC Treviso
Varietal: 100% Glera
Region: Veneto, in the province of Treviso, Italy
Method of Production: Charmat Method

La Civetta is a Prosecco with crisp acidity, lush apple & pear notes and a soft, persistent bubble. The Brut style of this wine makes it perfect as an aperitif or with your meal. It is made from top-quality Glera grapes grown sustainably near Valdobbiadene in the heart of the Prosecco zone. We chose Brut rather than the more typical extra-dry because we wanted a versatile sparkling wine that went as well with food as it does on its own. La Civetta is how we think Prosecco should be. Bottled by a highly regarded producer of extraordinary Prosecco, sourced from sustainable vineyards that exceed the local requirements for quality. All this starts by looking after territory and vineyards carefully and responsibly. Applying the most recent wine-making methods and integrated vine protection are crucial aspects for producing this wine.
The producer applies their ‘Green Mark Management Protocol’ for all growers bringing their grapes to the winery. It has become paramount for production. With a series of technical indications to be followed by grape suppliers, it aims to upgrade product quality whilst managing vineyards in a way that has the lowest environmental impact and is increasingly more eco-sustainable. Safeguarding the quality of grapes without harming the environment and human health is part of a strong social responsibility tradition that has always made this family producer stand out and which it shares with its grape-growers.

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