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Inside Benazzoli cellar with brick ceilings and barrels


The Benazzoli family has been making benchmark Bardolino in the Val d’Adige for over 50 years. In 2006, within the confines of this family winery, winemaker Claudia and her agronomist sister Giulia created the Benazzoli label. They had been taught by their grandfather and father that being wine growers above all, means being respectful: respect for traditions, for an authentic life punctuated by the rhythm of nature with hands accustomed to the branches, respect of the territory, with its perfumes, its products and its people.

Their aim is to continue in their family’s footsteps but with an eye on the future with a true passion for wine and a constant desire for improvement. 
They talk about their wines with a new language: a feminine one. A language that does not categorize wine “for women”, but “made by women”.

Bird eye's view of Benazzoli property
Giulia and Claudia Benazzoli at a table with wine and crackers
Full bottle of Benazzoli Pinot Grigio "Agata"
Full bottle of Benazzoli rosé "Tecla"
Full bottle of Benazzoli Bardolino "Dafne"
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