REGION Piemonte

Francesco Sobrero bottled wine under his name for the first time in 1964, burnishing the legacy of a family that had cultivated nebbiolo in Castiglione Falletto since the late 19th century. Today his grandson Flavio carries on the tradition of making exemplary Langhe wines using fruit sourced from excellent parcels vinified with classic technique.



Sobrero Barolo Chinato NV
Sobrero Barolo Ciabot Tanasio 2010
Sobrero Barolo Riserva Pernanno 2007
Sobrero Dolcetto D’Alba 2013
Sobrero Dolcetto D’Alba Selectio 2013
Sobrero Langhe Bianco VII 2013
Sobrero Langhe Nebbiolo 2013
Sobrero Moscato D’Asti 2013