Ronco dei Tassi


The north-eastern region of Friuli is renowned for being home to some of Italy’s most avant-garde winemakers, but there are still some producers whose commitment to tradition allows them to stand out from the crowd. Ronco dei Tassi’s Fabio Coser is a perfect example: a firm believer in terroir, he produces wines which typify the area. Ronco dei Tassi is located in the province of Gorizia near the Slovenian border, where the area’s sandy subsoil is ideal for Coser’s careful cultivation and selection of local and international varieties. The results are modern, balanced wines, which have helped make the label a leader in the region: Fabio has the awards to prove it! Though famed for his mono-varietal whites and the award-winning blend Fosarin, Coser also produces the Bordeaux-inspired Cjarandon and the rare dessert wine, Picolit.



Ronco Dei Tassi Cjarandon Riserva
Ronco Dei Tassi Fosarin
Ronco Dei Tassi Fruliano
Ronco Dei Tassi Malvasia Istriana
Ronco Dei Tassi Picolit
Ronco Dei Tassi Pinot Grigio
Ronco Dei Tassi Sauvignon Blanc