D'Amico Media


The D’Amico family farms land of stunning beauty and vast potential in an area called the Calanchi where Lazio, Tuscany and Umbria meet. Winemaker Guillaume Gelly, a native of Alsace, understands the tremendous value in his terroir and has crafted a line of extraordinary wines that reflect these resources.


D’Amico Cabernet Franc Atlante 2011
D’Amico Chardonnay Calanchi 2012
D’Amico Chardonnay Falesia 2012
D’Amico Orvieto Noe 2013
D’Amico Pinot Nero Calanchi 2011
D’Amico Seiano Bianco 2013
D’Amico Seiano Rosso 2013